Multiflex Polybags Pvt.Ltd. received 2 gold/1 best at the 2017 Asian Packaging Excellence Awards


At KYMC we are more than a machine provider, we love to work with our customers to make them successful. We are proud of Multiflex to win 2 gold an 1 best at the 2017 Asian Packaging Excellence Awards. The awarded pieces were delivered by the KYMC Euroflex model- an Gearless CI Flexo press. The press is equiped with auto registraion and impression capabilities, servo drives for finest register adjustment to 1 micron, and built from a solid monoblock frame…

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KYMC concludes a successful 2017 with 5 new press installations in India


KYMC in India has the leading position in terms of the number of presses installed as well as the widest range of printing applications against their peers.

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A successful 50th anniversary celebration banquet


The KYMC 50th anniversary celebration banquet took place last week in Taichung, Taiwan. The banquet hosted close to 500 people. Our guest includes our valuable customers, suppliers, agencies, friends and families from all over the world. From countries including, Japan, India, Thailand, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore, China, Germany…

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UV ink could help your plant save up to 200K annually


Discuss the potential cost savings that could be generated by UV inks from 5 different factors: ink cost, increase production hour, scrap reduction, reduce ink washup and increase run speed.

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The adoption of Industry 4.0 projects could lead to a 30% to 50 % reduction machine downtime.


In the printing and converting industry, one of the Industry 4.0 ideas is the communication between the different parts of the printing and converting process, enabling companies to utilize the information gathered to produce valuable actionable items in its production process, customer services, inventory management, and supplier management.

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Rise of the water based Flexographic printing in the Asian market


Environmental awareness had grown in the Asia region. Many countries commenced to place much attention to the solvents that were used during printing; especially in the packaging industry. Package printing in Asia were typically conducted by the rotogravure process; especially in Japan and its following fans.

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