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KYMC has been producing the finest rotogravure presses for over 50 years. KYMC is one of the global leaders in producing the finest rotogravure printing presses. You should consider the rotogravure presses if you are looking to...

  • Print on special substrate
  • Produce the brightest and sharpest image
  • Have the most durable print
  • GT Servo Driven Press

    The press is highly automated with servo drive on each print station. This press is designed to combine rotogravure printing quality with short change over times...

    Shafted /Shaftless Shaftless
    Max Machine Speed 350 m/min
    1148 ft/min
    Q'ty :
  • DPM Shaft Driven Rotogravure Press

    The press is an economical solution for gravure printers. This is the basic model in the rotogravure class. The press is driven by shaft for the registration control...

    Shafted /Shaftless Shafted
    Max Machine Speed 200 m/min
    656 ft/min
    Q'ty :