May 9, 2024 | KYMC Marketing

With a shared commitment to advancing sustainable packaging solutions, KYMC, a leading flexo printing machine manufacturer, and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., an artience group company and a prominent provider of ink and coating solutions, are poised to make a significant impact at drupa 2024. Embracing innovation, Toyo Ink has developed a range of functional inks and coatings tailored specifically for sustainable packaging applications. Complementing this initiative, KYMC has engineered printing machines capable of simultaneously printing and coating with these functional inks and coatings. Together, the two firms are gearing up to showcase their collaborative efforts in sustainable packaging solutions at the drupa 2024 exhibition.


Traditionally, functional packaging is not as environmentally friendly as can be for a few reasons. Often, to create the functions needed, multi layers of different films are laminated together. For instance, the foil layer is laminated with PE to provide the capability to print on the PE, and the foil offers the moisture and grease resistance. The needed functions are acquired in this case. But when it comes to recycling, it is hard to separate the two layers of different materials in terms of cost and effort. As a result, multilayered multi-material packaging creates a sustainability drawback. Another reason that functional packaging is not as environmentally friendly is due to the solvent-based ink used. Solvent-based ink is easier to work with as it is easier to dry so that production can be run at a faster pace for better efficiency. However, the solvents used in these inks can produce VOCs that lead to air pollution.


Today, there are new technologies that support mono-material production and applications to use only one type of substrate to replicate the functions found on a multilayer packaging created by different types of substrates. Mono-material structures make the separation into individual materials unnecessary, therefore making recycling easier. This will greatly reduce the cost and effort needed in recycling and will contribute to a more sustainable packaging ecosystem. Let’s look at a few innovative technologies. The Z327 heat-resistant overprint varnish from Toyo Ink is a coating crafted to help withstand higher heat without the need for multilayer substrates. When the Z327 coating is applied to the PE substrate, it provides a heat-sealing temperature of up to 140-150 degrees Celsius. This expanded temperature prevents heat shrinkage, curling, and adhesion of the PE material to heat seal bars during packaging making. Another technological breakthrough from Toyo Ink is the Z307 barrier coating that improves the oxygen barrier and aroma barrier functions in mono-material packaging. The Z307 barrier coating can reduce the oxygen transmission rate to 0.3OTR (cm^3)/(m^2) day when applied to MDOPE laminated with LLDPE substrate. Other Toyo Ink advances like water-based inks and full PU inks allow printers and converters to deliver high efficiency production that is more sustainable while maintaining quality.

Sustainable inks, coatings and lamination adhesives are only part of the equation to success. The mechanical operations to apply the inks, coatings and lamination adhesives onto the substrate is also very critical. KYMC provides printing presses, coating machines and lamination machines to complete the production processes using sustainable materials. The advanced drying system design on a KYMC press makes drying faster and more efficient. The press comes with different drying options, including hot air, UV, and NIR drying. The advanced registration system design makes gloss coating or matt coating simple. If there is a need to combine printing, coating, and lamination processes all together, KYMC provides hybrid presses that do just that!


KYMC and Toyo Ink will be at drupa 2024 to display our efforts to build a more sustainable packaging ecosystem through our latest technologies. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet your sustainability goals, come and visit us to find out how we can support you.