Product Name : The dry / wet laminator
Product Description

DLM / WLM (The dry / wet laminator)

DLM, the DRY Lamination is the most common laminating process. To work on various film/foil substrate combinations such as film on film, film on foil and film on paper. The advantage of dry lamination includes a wide workable product range, high resistance to chemical medium erosion and good for tough packaging condition requirements. The machine operation is easy and flexible. DLM is suitable for low volume production with various applications. If you are looking for an efficient dry lamination machine for your Film/ Foil materials, this is the model for you to customize.

WLM, the WET laminator provides an effortless laminating process for various kinds of paper product applications. The available application included paper on fiber, paper on paper, paper on paper board and paper on foil. The advantage of wet Lamination is its low running cost, high production capacity and low machine investment. If you are looking for high efficiency / low investment laminator for various paper product laminating, this is the model for you to customize

Specification Details
Specifications   DLM / WLM (DRY / WET LAMINATOR)
Max Machine Speed m/min
Material Width mm
600 / 800 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300 / 1500
43.3 / 51.2 / 59.1
Max Roll Diameter mm
600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500
23.6 / 31.5 / 39.4 / 47.2 / 59.1
  • Non-Stop Turret type Splicing Design for all Winders.
  • Glue / Adhesive supplying system included.
  • Gravure Coating design
  • High efficiency Drying system with Temp. control.
  • Automatic line speed and tension control
  • Automatic edge guiding system


  • Auto speed and tension control on coating station, laminating nip and all winders.
  • Centralized control and monitoring system with clear structured graphics for easy operation.
  • Machine functions are PLC controlled, user friendly touch screen operation.
  • Job memory (Recipes) with auto machine pre-setting for coating weight and running tension.

The DLM, WLM laminator is available with a trolley system for the coating head for a quick task change. It is available with a sleeve system for the rubber impression roller change. The task setting for our DLM and WLM are extremely user friendly. The DLM is designed for……

Operation Comfort

  • Integrate with the current machine’s touch screen interface
  • User friendly layout screen control

Remote Service Assistance

  • 24/7 machine online diagnostic system
  • Exclusive PLC Network Connection Technology to achieve deep online diagnosis and prompt remote maintenance.

Industrial I4.0

  • OPC UA Data Exchange Protocol for communication between devices, machines and enterprise systems (ERP, SCADA, CRM…etc)
  • Remote HMI monitoring via mobile devices


  • Compliant with Conformité Européene or Australian Standard
  • Certification service available with CSA, NEC and IEC

DLM, Dry lamination for Film / Foil substrates. film on film. film on foil, film on paper, foil on paper.

End Product: such as frozen / fresh / sterilization food packaging, medicine packaging, cosmetic packaging, chemical packaging, electronic device packaging……etc.

WLM, Wet lamination for Paper substrates. film on paper. foil on paper, paper on paper.

End Product:such as paper box, paper food tray, alum-paper food packaging……etc.

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