March 31, 2021 | KYMC Marketing

We have all experienced it, the feeling that working with a certain brand feels just great. The feeling of importance or being cared about as you talk to a representative over the phone, communicate through email or visiting the store. The user experience you get when you walk into an Apple store. The hospitality experience you get when you make a stay at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The purchase experience you get when you order on These great experiences don’t need to be limited to the big and bold brands. At KYMC, they got you covered.


To KYMC, the brand experience starts with the first contact, whether it is an online experience on their website or on one of their social media channels or a physical experience where you visit them at their booth during one of the exhibitions or paying a visit to their factory, KYMC cares about it. The KYMC experience journey starts before the purchase. KYMC aims to provide their leads with an exceptional pre-purchasing experience right from the beginning.


Every day, the KYMC sales team is flooded with equipment inquiries from all over the world. How does KYMC manage it? What is the KYMC way of managing their leads during the pre-purchasing phase? When KYMC receives an equipment inquiry, the information will be entered into the KYMC system database. Whether the inquiry source is from the website, phone, emails, agents, exhibitions, 3rd party channels…etc. All inquiry information will be recorded in one central location. This will ensure that no information will be missed. The inquiries will be assigned to a responsible salesperson according to the inquiry region. At the same time allowing for authorized managers to obtain an overview of all the activities going on. The inquiry information is broken down and saved into three main categories which are inquiry detail, people (contact person), and organization. The inquiry detail will allow for the KYMC salesperson to quickly get a grasp of the current requirement. Each inquiry detail is then tied to a contact person and an organization. This will provide the salesperson with an overview of the interaction history by person and by the organization. For instance, if the organization has submitted an inquiry before, this information will be available to the salesperson, along with all the email interaction history to aid him in his response.


Once the inquiry information is saved in the central database, the inquiry will enter into the sales pipeline. The sales pipeline is broken down into many stages such as specification confirmation, proposal development, completed proposal, initial follow-up, secondary follow-up, negotiation and win/lost deals. Each inquiry will be automatically assigned with a deadline at each stage by the system. A system alert will be triggered if the inquiry dwells past its deadline in each stage. This allows for the management of response time and control of the overall inquiry lifecycle. In the sales pipeline, the salesperson will be able to send and receive emails to and from the customers. The information will be automatically collected and aggregated by the system for future reference. The salesperson can also add activities to each inquiry. Activities such as setting up and sending meeting invites, assigning tasks, adding deadlines, and distributing availability booking calendars. Furthermore, notes and files can be attached to the inquiry as well. All together with the help of the system, a better customer experience can be achieved.


As data are stored, they will be analyzed for the purpose of continuous operational improvement. Analytic data such as average overdue days at each stage, average sales cycle, average value per inquiry, deals lost by reason, ongoing inquiries, ongoing inquiries by equipment model, ongoing deals by salesperson, win rate…etc. Review sessions are held on a regular basis by the team to make improvements and to control their customer experience quality.


With the support of technologies combined with the passionate KYMC sales team; they are determined to provide their customers with the best possible experience right from the start. To deliver five main values during the pre-purchasing phase 1. Quick response 2. Seamless communication 3. Knowledgeable advice 4. Friendly interaction and 5. Personalized messages.