Location: 台北南港展覽館1館
Booth No.: I2731

During the SEMICON Taiwan event. As a roll to roll (R2R) equipment manufacturer KYMC will be showing off our capabilities in the coating, lamination, and printing for materials production. The materials production in industries such as automotive, garments, construction, battery, energy, and flexible electronics.

We provide a wide range of multi-layer lamination methods and multiple coating methods on various substrates. On top KYMC is also available for lab services and proofing to help you out in your product-producing concepts.

R2R Equipment Solutions
R2R Printing Machines
R2R Coating Machines
R2R / R2S Multilayer Laminators
Non-Stop Unwinder/Winders

Lab Services
Conductive Lines / Patterns Printing on Flexible Substrates
Insulation Layer Printing on Flexible Substrates
NIR Drying / UV Curing
RFID Tag Antenna Proofing