May 21, 2024 | KYMC Marketing

Headquartered in Taiwan, Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co. specializes in roll-to-roll  flexographic printing machinery as well as coating and lamination machinery.

Founded in 1968, KYMC has served the worldwide market over five decades, with quality machines that come at an affordable price.

As an experienced provider of paper application machines, KYMC provides the market with flexographic printers that use paper substrates.

The company also provides coating and lamination machines that apply on paper substrates.

Dedicated to ESG

In October 2023, Japan joined Europe in pledging to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 — a goal KYMC shares. Committed to upholding sustainability in business, KYMC has implemented strategies and efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts from its operations, typically measured by the environment, social and governance metric. This mainly accounts for the environmental impact of a company’s carbon emissions and waste discharge, including toxic and hazardous materials.

“KYMC has devoted one of its points of focus to ESG, because ESG has become increasingly important over the years. ESG matters in a company’s long-term growth in the market,” the company stated.

From an environmental perspective, KYMC designs and equips its machinery with energy-recycling systems to help reduce utility costs.

Additionally, KYMC provides flexographic printing machines that work with water-based ink, helping to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds. KYMC’s machines can also be customized to integrate printing, coating and laminating into one machine, thereby improving efficiency and reducing waste generation during job changes.