November 9, 2021 | KYMC Marketing

Many different operations are needed to complete a printing job. Therefore, having the ability to view and to control the different operations and parameters in a centralized platform can be beneficial. KYMC offers a modular press design. Our customers are able to add on or remove functionality according to their production needs. Even though the press is designed in a modular way, the different functional modules are integrated to operate in synchronization. Through this user-friendly design, better operational efficiency is achieved.


Figure 1 is the home page of the KYMC centralized control panel. From the home page screen, the operator can view many press data, access many setups and has different quick setting buttons for the operator to use.

Figure 1.

Monitor Press Data

  • Inter color drying temperature settings and actual temperature information
  • Final color drying temperature settings and actual temperature information
  • Inter color wind blower and window exhaust operation percentage
  • Final color wind blower and window exhaust operation percentage
  • Total job run length
  • Temperature of CI (gear side), CI (operator side), CI motor cooling water, cabinet.
  • Temperature of press chiller and auto wash unit’s chiller
  • The setting tension and taper tension at the unwind and rewind unit.
  • The setting tension and actual tension at the outfeed unit
  • The set speed and actual speed of the press
  • The repeat, width and thickness of the materials
  • The current job number and job name
  • The roll diameter at the unwind and rewind unit
  • The length at the unwind and rewind unit
  • Repeat at each color station
  • Each color station’s status


Access Setup

  • Setup for job recipe recall and for adding new job recipe
  • Setup for sleeve change
  • Setup to press standby position
  • Setup to press printing position
  • Deck impression setup
  • Press registration setup
  • Ink system setup, including auto washing and auto viscosity control


Quick Setting Buttons

  • Quick access to machine speed setup
  • Quick access to unwind and rewind splicing setup
  • Quick ON/OFF control to solvent exhaust blower and treater exhaust blower


The home page screen design of the centralized control panel provides information that is important to the operator. Information that is crucial in terms of safety, and operational efficiencies. At KYMC, we know that each customer is different, therefore the home page screen design can also be tailored to individual customer’s needs. We work with our customers to deliver the most suitable design, and not just to roll out a standard interface to all.