September 19, 2022 | Daywey Chen

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is a measurement of productivity. OEE can be broken down into three different factors which are Availability, Performance and Quality.



Availability is a measurement to identify how much time your equipment is in production given the total scheduled time. Availability percentage is calculated by dividing the total in-production time by the total schedule time. Total scheduled time is the total time you have deducting scheduled maintenance time, scheduled upgrades and other scheduled downtime. Job changeover time is included in the scheduled time and not deducted.


Availability % = Total In-Production Time / Total Scheduled Time



Performance is a measurement of loss due to not running at the maximum speed or at the maximum capacity. It is calculated by dividing the average production speed(capacity) by the maximum production speed(capacity).


Performance % = average production speed(capacity) / Maximum production speed(capacity)



Quality is the measurement of lost due to parts that do not meet quality standards. It is calculated by dividing the total of good parts by the total parts produced.


Quality % = total good parts / total parts produced


OEE = (Availability %) x (Performance %) x (Quality %)

OEE should be calculated for different time periods and to compare the OEE at different time periods with each other. For instance, you can perform some of the below comparisons:


  • Monthly OEE Average VS daily OEE
  • Monthly OEE VS Monthly OEE
  • Yearly OEE Average VS Monthly OEE
  • Yearly OEE VS Yearly OEE


OEE provides an overview of your equipment’s productivity. It can be used to identify underperforming assets and to identify the source of poor performance (availability, performance, quality). OEE can provide you with insight into the way you schedule, organize and conduct maintenance tasks. Ultimately it can help you avoid common and critical issues with assets costing your organization time and money. 

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Daywey Chen

Article by Daywey Chen, KYMC