Próximos Eventos

  • 2019 Touch Taiwan
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan
    Booth No.: K830
    2019/08/28(Wed.)~30(Fri.) 10:00~17:00
  • 2019 ICFPE / TPCA
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan
    Booth No.: J303

Opiniones De Clientes De KYMC

  • Customer in Australia “ We chose KYMC as our press not once but twice, compared with the European brands, I found KYMC delivered just as much as the Europeans with much less on price.”
  • Customer in India “ The way they handle their customers is truly at the helm of human personal relationship ”
  • Customer in Malaysia “ Excellent responses, always attentive and prompt in actions. 2 Euroflex installations in 2 years tell everything about them. ”

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