May 15, 2023 | KYMC Marketing

A company located in Leon, at the heart of the agriculture market in Mexico, has a strong presence in sustainable packaging. The company’s main business is in the agri-food packaging market. As a company, it cares greatly about the environment. It is one of the first companies in Latin America to develop compostable solutions for the agri-food industry. The company has taken substantial actions to demonstrate its commitment towards sustainability including initiatives such as the use of recyclable plastics in its production, the development of smart packaging to reduce food waste, the recovery and reuse of production waste, optimizing facilities for energy efficiencies, and the reduction of plastic thickness in its products to reduce resource consumption.


The company has supported its customers through the four value pillars. This includes an in-house research and development team working on developing new environmentally friendly materials. To help the customers be updated on the market through its market due diligence. To provide quality products to its customers through a stringent quality management system that complies with the most rigorous international quality standards and food requirements. To provide product engineering and design services to help customers develop products that are efficient and effective. In the last three years, the business has been impacted by COVID. However, the impact was under control since the agri-food product is a necessity good on the market. The company took this time to develop new materials: smart film for fresh fruits and vegetables. As a result, in the last one and a half years, business has continued to grow.


The company is driven by innovation and constantly seeks improvements to optimize its operation. That’s why it has chosen KYMC as a partner to grow together. KYMC is a company that values sustainability greatly and it is constantly seeking continuous improvements. The four key values that KYMC is committed to include innovative customization, total solution, adorability, and to be human-driven in everything they do. This long term partnership between the company and KYMC started in 1992 and is still continuing today. The company has purchased a total of 7 machines from KYMC until now. In recent years, the company has been keen on the development of composable film. Composable film requires simple printing, therefore the company continues to purchase inline 1 to 2 color flexo presses from KYMC. In 2023, the company purchased a CI gearless flexo press: Phoenix from KYMC to fulfill its plan in entering the flexible packaging market.


The Phoenix is a high-value-to-cost CI gearless flexo press. The model is designed to provide the best value at its cost. The press is equipped with many automation features that include auto pre-registration, auto viscosity control, auto ink wash, auto ink cooling system, auto blower, and exhaust controls for the best drying efficiency, auto splicing at winders, and auto safety controls. Moreover, Phoenix is an intelligent press that can provide recommended tension settings according to the substrate in use, a job recipe function for fast job setting recalls, and a data collection and reporting system for production analysis and optimization. This machine is suitable for quick job change and will enable the company to take on many more short run jobs in the flexible packaging industry.


The evaluation of the Phoenix started in 2018. During that time, the company decided that the market and the internal production operation wasn’t ready yet. In the end, the company chose to delay the Phoenix purchase and instead purchased more stack flexo presses in 2019. Until 2023, the company feels the market is ready and with the existing relationship with KYMC, it took the company less than a month to confirm the Phoenix order with KYMC.


The company not only values the high quality flexo presses that KYMC delivers, but also appreciates KYMC’s dedication to delivering a high value customer service. KYMC is fast to respond to the company’s need for operation consultancy, machine tuning, machine maintenance, and machine upgrades. Together the two companies will continue to be ahead of the game in the market. To provide safe and sustainable solutions, serving customers at their best.