February 28, 2024 | KYMC Marketing

Drupa is the largest printing equipment tradeshow that is hosted every four years by Messe Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany. At Drupa 2024 innovative equipment and top-class knowledge will be presented. This is where printers and converters will discover the future of print technologies and graphic communication. Different printing technologies including flexographic press, digital press, rotogravure press, and many coating and lamination machines demonstrated for different industry applications.


At Drupa 2024, one of the key highlights will include circular economy and sustainability. Where the more recyclable mono-material packaging and water-based inks will be shown. At the same time, more efficient hybrid equipment such as flexographic press + coating and lamination machines will prove its value in reducing waste and reducing change over time. This is where equipment manufacturers will present their energy-efficient solutions.  KYMC is an experienced hybrid equipment manufacturer, delivering hybrid flexographic presses to industries such as the fast-food industries and other food packaging industries. KYMC presses are also suitable for water-based ink printing as different efficient drying systems can be installed on the presses including NIR drying, Infrared, UV-LED, and hot air.


Another key highlight at Drupa 2024 will be the positioning of physical print in a digital world. How a base design can be efficiently produced with different variations of bar codes and QR codes. Where vendors use bar codes to keep track of the different product units and use QR codes to provide product resumes and detailed information to end customers. Furthermore, at Drupa, you can find out how flexible electronics can be printed efficiently to interact with sensors to exchange information. Flexible electronics are widely used to produce tags to use in the logistics of products. The KYMC flexographic press + digital printing unit hybrid has proven its value in an environment where print variations are greater than ever.  KYMC has solutions for the flexible electronic industry in producing RFID tags and insulation metal mesh to enhance electronic conductivities using the flexographic process.


Lastly, highlights the capability of data collection and data presentation technologies to allow for more efficient production, fulfilling the industry 4.0 concept. Advanced printing equipment not only has sensors to collect data at different important locations but at the same time presents the data in an easy-to-understand graphical format. To make the best out of the data to reach an efficient production operation where potential failures can be detected beforehand, alerts can be sent to your mobile devices for real-time monitoring wherever you are and whenever it is, historical data can be processed for continuous improvements. At KYMC our flexographic presses are designed to accomplish just that. Sensors are collected at various areas to collect data such as ink temperature, ink viscosity, dryer temperature, LEL levels, Substrate temperature, impression settings, Delta E values and much more.


At Drupa 2024, you can expect to find the latest solutions related to circular economy, sustainability, digital applications, and data analytics. KYMC has all the solutions mentioned above. Therefore, if you are interested in upgrading your equipment to incredible, don’t hesitate to visit us at Drupa. Hall 12 / D60.