Employer description

Due to the increasing demand from the market, KYMC is planning to expand our network and to increase our presence in the North American region, we are now looking for more distributors to join us. KYMC distributors will be an agency independent of KYMC as a collaborating partner.

Job description

KYMC distributors are expected to develop regional sales, maintain good relationships with customers and to support customer services. On top, to provide KYMC headquarters with regional market insights and to collaborate with KYMC headquarters in regional events such as seminars, exhibitions and customer visits. If you are a well-connected team or person in the North American region and possess the technical skills to promote and service KYMC equipment, please contact us, we love to hear from you!


Please send your comprehensive job application to:

Daywey Chen
Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.
No.8, Jingke Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852, Taiwan
+886-4-23593830 #114