Spare Parts
More than 95% parts are stocked at our warehouse to provide quick response to spare part requests from customers. A part list (drawing) shows each spare part’s item number going with machine manual. It is very simple to purchase spare parts from us with the numbers. The most key parts belong to international brands, so local support is available if preferred.
Online Diagnosis
Through online diagnosis, we can check the alarm system at any place with internet access, and find out software (program) problems or possibly caused by hardware to help customer’s machine back to the production.
No matter factory moving or selling machine to other location, we can provide a re-location service. Customers can quickly dismantle and re-assembly the machine with original manufacturer’s technology. If there are any issues on the press, they can also be solved during the service, so the condition of machine will be mostly like a new installation.
Functions Upgrade
Do you want to invest equipment at low costs at the beginning and upgrade the machine step by step after money recovering from production? KYMC can meet this requirement. In the technology bursting century, functions are developed every day. The new functions can be installed on an adequate machine with our knowledge and support.
Know How Transfer
Don’t worry the difficulties of entering packaging and printing business. KYMC not only sells equipment but also provides the technology and resources of packaging and printing including how to print, how to get accessories of printing, how to improve print quality, and so on. Customer can start production and have investment recovered soon with our machinery and supports.
We understand training is one of the most important parts during the installation, so we do not only install machine precisely but also train customer’s people to operate the machine correctly. The training is including machine function introduction, operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, and so on. The installation is completed only until customer can start production.